05.08.2014 / 04:01 PM

Marv Won Respect: Road to Total Slaughter Profile

They say it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for. If that’s true, don’t take your eyes off Marv Won.  Read the full profile after the jump.

Earlier this year, Grantland ran an excellent piece on the oral history of 8 Mile. In it, we learn the crowd for the battles was filled with well-known local rappers, and one of them was invited to battle Eminem on stage. Since it was only for b-roll footage, they were told to pantomime, but this guy said fuck it and spit some bars that got the best of Marshall. Though he had a bad case of laryngitis and was told not to speak, Em felt compelled to answer, as the crowd began taunting him after the first guy’s rhymes. He turned on the mic and taught dude a lesson.

That dude was Marv Won.

Read the full story here.

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