06.13.2014 / 12:31 PM

AVAILABLE NOW: Shady Records “Country Club Rejects” Bundle

We’re not all meant to be part of the upper-crust, are we? Fuck it! Wreak havoc on your local golf course with the “Country Club Rejects” pack from Shady Records. Read more after the jump.

This limited edition drop includes a black 100% Pima Cotton Polo Shirt that includes our newly crafted custom Shady Records Crest featuring an “SR” logo, hockey mask, script Eminem backwards”E”, our HQ cities, middle finger, and the Latin “Habe Fiduciam Sumus Umbriferum”, which translates to “Trust Us, We’re Shady”. The shirt also features an embroidered 8-bit middle finger in red, and “99” embroidered in white on the right sleeve- signifying the year our fine label was established. This pack also includes a pair of light weight, moisture-wicking socks that have an 8-bit middle finger embroidered in red on the outside of the socks. Finally, the pack includes a set of 3 custom-crafted enamel lapel pins that feature the hockey mask, a classic Shady Records Logo, and the 8-bit middle finger.

Have fun this summer and look great while you flip the bird to the Country Club set in the process!

POLO – $45
SOCKS – $15
PINS – $12

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