01.09.2018 / 03:35 PM

Mom’s Spaghetti Pop Up Recap

Check out our recap gallery from the Mom’s Spaghetti pop up in Detroit, where we celebrated the release of Revival. Photos by Jeremy Deputat and video by Ben Greenblatt.

Last month in the basement of St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit- formally and infamously known as The Shelter- we had the opportunity to create a unique experience to celebrate the release of Eminem’s new album Revival.

The selection of The Shelter as the site of the event was an easy choice. Some may know that this dimly lit, raw industrial style club was the inspiration for the setting of the battle scenes in 8 Mile, right down to the opening scene in the bathroom where nerves get the best of Jimmy Smith Jr.’s homemade pasta.

In order to make the pop-up shop great, we enlisted Clarkston, MI-based Union Joints to help execute our ambitious vision. Being no strangers to the city and hugely successful local restauranteurs along with their uncanny ability to transform old, found places into superbly stylized culinary experiences made them the perfect fit. The Union folks transformed the space into a trailer park inspired bistro vibe packed with amazing details.

A simple menu of spaghetti with marinara sauce (with or without meatballs) served in a Chinese food style take-out container along with a big hunk of homemade garlic bread OR a unique ‘Sghetti Sandwich (literally spaghetti with sauce in a panini pressed garlic bread sandwich with cheese) was the edible fare. For three straight days, the scent of hot pasta wafted through Downtown Detroit and put smiles on the faces of Stans galore.

In addition to the pasta, fans could purchase our remaining stock of 8 Mile 15th Anniversary Carhartt gear and exclusive Revival merch, as well as the newly minted Revival cd. On Friday, a large group of lucky fans got to meet Em and get their CDs signed as well.

Special thanks to Live Nation, the St. Andrew’s staff and security, Union Joints’ Curt Catallo and Erich Lines & their chef Vince Baker and his kitchen and floor staff as well as the fans that came through to endure the cold waiting in long lines to check out the space.

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